When you finally reach the coveted high school diploma it's time to decide. Will you further your education or get a job instead? Picking university seems to be the shortest and easiest option but, actually, you are going to face numerous changes and many challenges. University life requires a new pace of life and you will spend much of your time filling in forms. Once you have chosen the most suitable university course, you will face the initial hurdle: enrolling and paying the first instalment., the so called initiation fee. What else? Then you have to check the timetable, the syllabi, how many CFU points you have to gain per year, the exam calendar, vocational subjects. All these procedures will feel so lengthy and time consuming.
University will change your life. Your parents are investing in your future so to guarantee you a better life but they are also making their dream come true: their son is now a graduate. You don't want and you can't fail them.
Where to start from? Don't waste any time, let us sort all the paperwork. You just focus on your exams and you’ll get there quicker.

Ask for the experts’ help, we will support you in your univestity education: from enrolment to payments right until your application for the final dissertation. Achieve your goals without any difficulty!

Svolgimento Pratiche Universitarie